The purpose of this blog is to state my career goals and what I want to be. I have a few careers that I like, but they’re all in criminal justice. I want to go into crime analyst, forensic psychology, or forensic anthropology

“Good people do not need laws to tell them to act responsibly, while bad people will find a way around the laws” Plato (427-347 B.C.). Ever sense I was little I always loved crime solving shows. My personal favorite was Criminal Minds. When I got in to high school and started doing career researches, I finally realized that that is what I want to become and so decided to make that my career goal. To make it my career, I am going to have to go to college and work hard to one day find a job as a forensic anthropologist or forensic expert. I must set strict personal goals for myself so that I will be certain of attaining my goals.

            I plan on going to college to first get my bachelors degree then get my masters in criminal justice. Then I’ll have to take other specific classes just for my field. Also while in school, I’m going to need to do an internship at local or a highly rated law enforcement agency would enable me to get the best job possible in the law enforcement career field.  Judy Kimminau states that “Crime analysis used to be a field that a person could stray into, but most new analysts now are trained or educated specifically for the career.” This makes the field harder to get into.

            When I get out of high school I’m probably going to have to move to a more populated area because the more population the more criminal activity you have (Ferguson). The more crime goes up in areas; the demand for the job goes up. When I first get the job I probably wouldn’t make but a little above the average income of the normal job, but as time went on and I got more experience in the field I would be making a lot more like into the eighty and ninety thousands annually. If I had this job were in a big city, which is where I’d make the most money, I wouldn’t want to live in middle of the city. I would build a big house on the outside of town and live there. I just don’t like living in the city, it’s just too much. Some of the cities that are in need of a forensic expert are New York, Massachusetts, Hamilton and Princeton in New Jersey, Philadelphia, and Raleigh North Carolina. Getting into this career isn’t going to be a walk in a park. I’m not the best in science but to get to my goals I’m going to have to take bunch of science classes. Forensics in just a branch off of science.

If I am lucky enough to get a job in one of those states, the career itself would be very for filling. In the career field of a forensic expert you have to apply scientific principles and methods to the analysis, identification, and classification of physical evidence relating to the criminal case. It’s not as much going to the scene of the crime as doing lab work and working with the evidence to put the case together to solve the case. But you may go to the sense to collect evidence, write down physical facts of the site, and look for finger and foot prints, tire tracks, bullets, bits of an exploded bomb and other objects dispersed by an explosion. They also can take photos to preserve the arrangement of objects, bodies, and fragments. They’re sometimes asked to reconstruct the scene of the crime. A forensic expert may also be called upon to testify as an expert witness and to present scientific findings in court. They also analysis poisons, drugs, and other substances found in the body by examining tissue samples, stomach content and blood samples. And all could be used as DNA to match the murders to the suspects (Encyclopedia of Careers). If I had this job it would never be an ordinary day. Some of the stuff I would see would be scare fully horrific. But it’s the reward of solving the murder that would make the job worth it. Letting the families know that the person that killed their loved one is behind bars now. And it would be rewarding to let the community were the murders happened are safe for now until the next crime happens. I think I would be good at looking for evidence, because I’ve been told that I am very observant. Getting finger prints might be kind of hard at first but I think I could get us to it and get good at if after a while. I think I would be good at looking at stuff under a microscope to if I knew what I was looking for. I don’t know if I would like going to crime scenes that much just because I don’t know if I could handle the smell or if it was a gruesome murder. I could do the testifying in court, I would like being in front of the murder though. But I would like being able to show everyone how exactly he killed the victim. Putting the pieces together so that everyone in the court room gets it and the judge will convict the murderer.

Some important qualities for this job are patience, persistence and a good memory so that you can think back to what you seen at the crime and all the people that you have interviewed. Another skill that requires a specialized process, training and experience is getting fingerprints outside. You can get them by dusting over the place where they are with a fine powder or you can lift them off with a flexible tape. Some of the stress on the job would be bearing in mind that the accuracy of their lab investigations can have a great consequences for others (“Forensic Expert”).

            Some other jobs that are within the field of forensic expert are forensic toxicologist, forensic odentologist, and forensic anthropologist. A toxicologist is more concerned with the detecting and identifying the presence of poisons or drugs in victim’s body. An odentologist uses dental records and evidence to identify crime victims and to investigate bite marks. An anthropologist examines and identify bones and skeletal remain. If I don’t get into forensic expert I would like to be a forensic anthropologist. They only have to examine the bones, with hopefully no blood or flesh on them. A forensic anthropologist may work within a university or college. In the college they would be teaching related courses, or conducting research or even solving cases given to them by law enforcement agencies. They may also be employed by the military or a medical examiner’s office. Forensic anthropologist also may go onto the field to collect evidence, but there majority of their time is spent in a lab (Forensic expert). If I was a forensic anthropologist, I think I would almost like this better than a forensic expert just because of the fact of dealing with the flesh and other things in that nature. I can sometimes have a weak stomach. I think I would like to work in a university or college; I could still be doing some of the same work as I would be doing in the field just in a class room. I think I would like working for the military too. I’m sure doing that would be pretty much the same as working in the regular field but just higher up. I might be solving world murder case instead of just city murder cases. If I worked in a medical office as an examiner, it would definably be less gory. That would be fun just looking at bones and have the patient that are actually alive. I’d like looking at the x-rays and seeing if the bone is broken or fractured or anything. But all in all I think I would like working on the sense of the crime and in the lab.

            If I were a forensic expert my life would be pretty good to, I would still have to live near a big city just because of the crime population but I would live on the outskirts of town. I also would still, just like with almost any job, have to work my way up to a big annual salary. With nine years on the job I could be making over 100,000 dollars as an annual income, but I would probably start with something more like 20,000.

            After I get completely through college my job search will begin. That will probably be the time I move to a big city somewhere. I’ll actually want to be in a higher crime rated area. Hopefully I’ll make it safer. I will probably start out living in a more convenient place, like close to the agency. I’ll live there until I can afford to move and get a big house outside of town. All of this will probably take about ten years of my life. After that I will be doing pretty well. Living in a big house outside of town with me dream job and it would be nice to go to your job every day and not call it work.

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